Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath
(A Special Article)
December 4, 2013

Note: Our Team, Jesus the Heart of Missions Team, through its Operation Kabalikat ministered to several affected areas, namely, Tacloban, Eastern Samar, Northern Cebu, Ormoc, Coron, Palawan and Iloilo. We personally went to these places to bring comfort to the survivors through relief distribution, debriefing, medical services, feeding and aiding them in the process of rebuilding not only their homes but their lives. Here are a few accounts of the survivors as relayed to the Team:

    1. A 60-year-old wife was being carried away by the tempestuous floods and lost grip of her husband. The 78-year-old husband bravely weaved his way through the waters, got a hold of his dear wife and saved her. They were able to hang on a branch of a tree but were faced with a snake coiled around it. The husband blew on the snake and shouted that it will not harm them. Miraculously the snake did not touch them at all. The wife tearfully related that she prayed to God, asking Him not to save her if her husband would not be able to make it as well. This is “Till Death Do Us Part” in action!

    2. A family of three hangs on to each other as tightly as they could but alas the current was far stronger than their grip. They were thrown away from each other not expecting for anyone to survive. However, God’s grace was upon them. They found each other again at the evacuation center. One can only imagine how happy they all were. Material things no longer counted. Their lives are irreplaceable.

    3. Our Team asked the children to draw their experiences during the storm. One child drew large rocks falling on the rooftop. He said it was like the sound of huge rocks falling on their rooftop. Another child drew a house without roof but with a small rectangle on one side with several people inside. When asked, he said, the Typhoon tore their house away; they were saved because they stayed inside the comfort room. One child drew a house cut into half by a huge tree that fell on it while they were running towards the mountain. Indeed very vivid are their imaginations; the tragedy etched in their minds.

    4. A man tearfully related that his wife and child were swept away by the strong current and he tried to hold them but could not. He heard them screaming until their voices faded away and that was the time he knew they were lost forever. Can this man ever forget? Only God and time can tell.

    5. Some people in one village saw the sea coming onto the shore; they did not immediately run for their lives. Instead they knocked on every door, rallying the people to leave at once and go to the mountain. All the village people were saved. Only, when they went back to their places, there was not a single house left.

It is only the grace and mercy of God that can put the pieces of their torn lives back together again. When asked where they drew their strength that saved their lives at the thick of the storm, 95% of them said, it is from the Lord! There is hope in Christ Jesus! Please continue to uphold them in prayer. If you want to do more than just praying, you can send them anything you feel led to send through Jesus the Heart of Missions Team, 61 Cambridge, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines, 1109. Our website has the details on how to get involved through Operation Kabalikat – www.jhmt.org. You may email us at danteveluz@gmail.com for more information. God bless you all!

Co-Founders & International Directors
Jesus the Heart of Missions Team (JHMT)
Co-Founders, Operation Kabalikat (OK)