Ministry Heads: Bishop Ted & Lily Malangen

This short-term course is an intensive 3-day training that aims to teach God’s people and help them understand the deliverance ministry of the Holy Spirit based on the principles taught by Jesus during his ministry on earth.  During this course, the participants undergo personal deliverance and are taught to conduct deliverance themselves.

Some of the subjects taught are:

  1. The Believer’s Position in Christ
  2. Can a Christian be Demonized
  3. Why Some people are not delivered
  4. Entry points
  5. 4 D’s of Deliverance
  6. Deliverance Through Sanctified Life
  7. Weapons in Spiritual warfare
  8. Inner Healing
  9. Reversing the Curse into Blessing
  10. Advice to the Delivered
  11. Ministry of angels
  12. Divine manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Workshop: Personal Deliverance Session

Other Teachers:

Bishop Arnold Magtibay,  Ptr. Jerry Ambi, Ptr. Lawrence Malangen, Ptr. Joey Magundayao, Dr. Dante Veluz and other members of the Team