Ministry Head: Sis. Mhalou Fabilane

This a  3-day camp that aims to teach children to be more closer to Jesus, in terms of  worship, prayer, loving God’s word, sharing the gospel and heart for missions.

Some of the subjects taught are:

  1. Sino ang Best Friend?
  2. Goat and Sheep
  3. I’m so glad Jesus set me FREE!
  4. At the Feet of Jesus
  5. Praying for the Nations
  6. Deliverance Through Sanctified Life
  7. A Lamp unto my Feet
  8. Brother’s Keepers
  9. Trust Walk
  10. Here Am I, Send Me!

Other Teachers:

Ptr. Cynthia Veluz, Ptr. Raquel Sto. Domingo, Dr. Dante Veluz and other members of the Team