Ministry Heads: Dr. Dante & Cynthia Veluz

The JHMT Ministry Academy is a fulfillment of God?s word to Pastor Dante and myself when we received a prophetic word in 1992 that an  Academy which will train many Christians will arise from our ministry. Since 1994, we have witnessed how workers and believers after attending the different courses of the Academy. We have also seen God?s  hand in using this training ministry to prosper  many churches spiritually, numerically and    financially.

We are also witnesses to God?s raising up of mighty men and women of valor and war that are now in the frontliners of God?s moves in these end times. God has even touched nations through the people who flew all the way from their countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, U.S.A., Canada and the Middle East and just to attend these courses for training. We believe God is not done with His people yet. He still wants to get more of his people everywhere to be equipped and trained for the coming Great harvest, and He will by His grace, continue to use the JHMT      Academy. We therefore bid you to come and join our over 5,000 alumni who have experienced deeper walk with God, changed lives and who are now being used by God  Almighty! – Ptra. Cynthia Veluz, Academy Director


  1. Duration and Registration – at least 3 days of incubated and comprehensive training. Should start      at    9am on Wednesday and ends at 5 pm on Friday. If possible, please pre-register at least on week         before the in take.
  2. Things to bring. Personal bedding, Bible, notebook, pens, Course Manuals, Videocam, MP3-5 or mobile phone with recorder for prophetic presbytery.
  3. ID?s to be issued by the Academy. Students and staff are required to wear their ID within the school premises for the duration of the course.
  4. Work Assignments. Each student wil be assigned work duties and is required to observed them faithfully.
  5. Live-in Classes. All students are required to stay with the school premises for the duration of the course. Students who stay outside the premises are allowed to go home on a case to case basis and with the permission from the course director. Any couple can stay in one room if extra rooms are  available or they can rent outside the premises at their expense.
  6. Visitors/Sit-ins. They are not allowed to join the teaching sessions unless invited for the revival night and activation service. In this case, extra food and rent for lodging shall be shouldered by the host participant.
  7. Personal Needs. Those who need to buy some personal things should give their orders with approximate cash daily at 8 am and 1 pm only.
  8. Dress Code. Short pants and sleeveless shirts (sando) are not allowed during sessions. Bring clothes that are suitable for tropical weather.
  9. Taping. Recording of teachings and messages or songs are permissible during sessions only.
  10. Course Manual. Course manual will be provided and available to all pre-registered participants at least one week before the intake.
  11. Picture Taking. Class picture taking is set on Thursday or Friday morning as the case may be.  Attire is semi-formal.
  12. Siesta. Every student is required to observe siesta between 12:30 nn until 2 pm.
  13. Lights-out. This is at 11 pm. Those who wish to read their Bibles and books can do so at the designated area.
  14. Counseling. Students must feel free to approach any of the faculty and staff for counseling during break period only.
  15. Medical Assistance. If at all possible, please consult our medical facilitator for any health problem during break period only.
  16. Commencement. Commencement  Exercises and consecration service is scheduled on the last day.
  17. Learning Tips. Listen, observe, operate and impart (LOOI) by faith.
  18. Cellphone. Cellphones must be turned-off during session.
  19. Valuable things and Money. You may bring your valuable things and money with you.

However, the Academy will not be held responsible for any lost item.